2. RiRi - Comme des Garçons

Rihanna stole the show in a sculptural petal-covered confection from Comme des Garçons’ 2017 couture line. It pays homage to Rei's work directly - by wearing a piece from her collection. As much as I personally wouldn't wear this ensemble, RiRi never fails to be an artistic delight with her fashion choices. Her style fits with the theme directly and breaks down the bounds of fashion. And yet she looks stunning.

The hot pinks mixed in with the flecks of baby blues and pinks creates further depth in her already textured dress. RiRi matched her eye makeup with the pinks in the dress perfectly, creating a head to toe cohesive look. Her footwear cannot be any further than my personal style and yet I love the pairing on Rihanna. I definitely think it takes a certain eye for fashion to convert the even most avande-garde dress into a tasteful masterpiece. 

Part of what makes Rihanna so consistently great with clothes is that she plays with them. She’s not worried about what will be flattering and what will be tasteful and what will be too avant-garde: she just puts together textures and colors and ideas and lets them play off one another. She is never boring. I definitely look up to her as a style icon - not in the sense that I like her style - but in the way that I'd like to learn from her fearlessness in fashion. 

Before heading into my third favourite, I have two special mentions.

Firstly, its Miranda Kerr's  Oscar de Lerenta gown - I absolutely adore this dress. It has a 50s vibe, classic, feminine, extremely flattering. However, I don't think it fits with the theme, and that is why her dress is not in my top three picks. Despite this, in any other occassion (for example another red carpet), her dress is perfect. 

Another honourable mention is Kendall Jenner's barely dress. Its not in my top three because, well, I think it's not the classiest of dresses (I mean, her posterier is bared for the world to see). I believe that great clothes should have a timelessness to it - will it be appropriate for MOST audiences? Despite this, I do think that the dress fits with the theme and looks stunning on her. 

On to my third fav.

3. Cara Delevine - Chanel

Choosing to work with, not against, her freshly-shaved head, Delevingne stepped out with a painted on silver cap complete with silver rhinestones. The result is AMAZING. Similar to Rihanna, Cara is fearless. She is unafraid to pursue the unconventional, fighting what is perceived as "normal beauty".  

Her style here fits directly with the avande-garde theme. Moreover, she has brought her own twist. Her outfit is unlike any other I have seen. I've recently started to love metallics and Cara brought Silver to whole other level. 

The Met 2017 was littered with beautiful people and outfits - but for me, these stood out. What stood out for you?








The Met Gala is always a honeypot of inspiration for fashion lovers - and this year is no different. Under the theme avande-garde celebrities brought their creativity and boldness to the red carpet in 2017.

Dedicated to Rei Kawakubo’s body of work under her label Commes des Garçons, this year’s Met Gala pays homage to her daring “in-betweeness”—the paradox that lies within her art and architecture, and general breaking down of barriers. “Beauty is whatever anyone thinks is beautiful,” Kawakubo once said. 

I am a believer that fashion should always be aesthetically pleasing - its brilliant to be bold, daring and adventurous - but at no point should fashion push the boundaries to the point where it doesn't bring out the beauty of the wearer. Although fashion is not dissimilar to art, fashion serves a purpose that art does not - it is an accessory, a expression...but more importantly, it should not overpower the essence of the person wearing it. Bearing that in mind, here are my top three styles this year.

1. Zendaya - Dolce & Gabbana

WOW. This is by far my favourite dress this year at the Met. This D&G dress is utterly stunning - pairing a bold print with a classic cut. I think the balance between the bold colours and a classic sillouette is the perfect marriage between avande garde and elegance. The vivid oranges in the dress is paired perfectly with Zendaya's lipstick - a testatment to her ability to tie the look together. And the hair! I think it adds a flash of defiance that is very fitting with the bird print on her dress.  

Victoria Gao