Movie Review: Sausage Party

TITLE: Sausage Party

Director: Conrad VernonGreg Tiernan


Synopsis: A sausage strives to discover the truth of his existence

- Rating: 1/5 -

Sausage Party takes viewers to the world of the supermarket Shopwell’s, where various grocery items such as sausages Frank (Seth Rogen), Carl (Jonah Hill), and Barry (Michael Cera) live in hope of being purchased by the gods (humans) so they can be transported to the “great beyond” and live a full life outside of the confines of their packages. In particular, Frank is anxious to consummate his romantic relationship with Brenda the bun (Kristin Wiig), after spending most of his existence admiring her from afar. With the Fourth of July holiday approaching quickly, the sausages and buns are excited by the prospect of being chosen soon. However, this quickly leads to a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they are chosen to leave the grocery store.

This animated comedy is decidedly not aimed at kids. Co-written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, it has a very “Rogen” humour, similar to his previous movie “This is the End”. The humour is unashamedly filthy and the jokes often rely on sexual innuendos littered with foul language. In the beginning, the jokes were surprising and triggered a laugh… but this novelty quickly wore off VERY QUICKLY.

 As the movie progressed, I found the plot one dimensional and the humour cringe worthy.  The comedy all-star voice actors are very lively in their performances, even if their characters aren't terribly deep or engaging. The first-class computer animation is swift and colourful, and Alan Menken's music is exhilarating. It's doubtful that this is a movie that will warrant repeat viewings - it's a "party" where you think you’re missing out but you’re actually not.  


I gave this movie 1/5. For those who loved this film, I can understand why. Unfortunately, it was just not my type of humour. I delved into this movie full of anticipation. I came out of it, hollow, feeling like I’ve just wasted 2 hours of my time.


Victoria Gao