I am an Actuary with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, I work in the Institutional Banking arm of the Commonwealth bank, working in debt markets in the issuance of securitised bonds. I was previously in Strategy, Actuarial Life Insurance as well as Superannuation and Investments.

Outside of my day job, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and am active in that space. What I particularly love about entrepreneurship is the mentality of continual improvement. As someone who constantly seeks innovative ways to improve, simplify or speed up processes, I’m always keen to develop “better ways” to do things.

My most recent ventures include:

1.PDSme: a solution to simplify the complex product disclosure statements in the insurance industry. It is currently submitted to Stone and Chalk for funding (pending).

2. Hideously Delicious;  A social enterprise aimed at reducing food waste. We buy imperfect produce to sell to restaurants at reduced prices. Within 1 months, we were delivering over 2 tonnes of food per week and generated $10k in revenues.

Despite my highly financial background, I adore the creative industries and find drawing as well as dancing a great way to de-stress.

This site consists of my own personal views, and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employers - past, present or future.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to send me a message.


myPDS pitch video